We're a music publishing company, a record label, an A&R firm, a personal management company, and a national talent agency like none other.

That’s because we are artist advocates.

And we put artists first. Period.

And we’re proving it.

From our home base in Colorado – a land of young, raw mountain energy – we’ve been busy creating the ultimate venue for artists to fully realize their visions through every step of writing, recording and performance.

What We Do

At Reason to Rhyme Music Publishing, we know that inspiration and ideas behind the world’s best music always come from the artists themselves. But the music industry has been built by favoring executives over the artists who create success.

We are changing that.

In an industry where few artists are ever given true creative freedom, Reason to Rhyme Music was founded on the core principle that artistic freedom and independent choice are absolute givens for our artists.

How We Do It

We believe music is magic – a universal language that positively changes lives. So it’s our job to lead the music industry in new directions by treating musicians like the magicians they are.

And we do that at every turn.

PublishingArt is everlasting. We believe artists should have control of their works from the moment of inception and inspiration. We assure rights to their works remain in their control to play, publish and promote. We are committed to empowering every artist we work with to define the deals and opportunities that best fit them.
National BookingWe do not believe in restricting the artist from performing live. Anywhere. This means no radius clauses. This means premiere hospitality and freedom of choice. We provide access to the best venues without exclusions or limitations, so they can perform their music, their way.
Artistic FreedomWe favor the artist. Period. From contract to A&R to recording and live performance, we assure that the artists’ vision and music is served.


Committing to a label is one of the most difficult decisions your band will ever face. But it can also be one of the easiest choices you’ll ever make.

Do you want to sign with someone who believes in the music, or just chases the money? Someone who respects inspiration, or is ruled by the industry? Someone who understands your vision, or just pushes their own?

At Reason2Rhyme Music Publishing, when we say we put the artists first, we mean it. And we hope that makes your decision an easy one.


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