I was born in San Salvador, Central America. Eventually, civil war in my country forced me to move to the United States. I uncovered my passion for music amongst the sounds of bullets, violence, psychological emotional unbalance and traveling. At 16, I learned how to play the guitar by ear, and from that point on, I was involved in bands, and song writing. Mostly, I did it because it made me feel good. I always thought in sound, rhythm, and beats.

Eventually, I moved to Los Angeles. It is in LA that I met a music producer. He liked one song I played and later asked me to write a song for one of his female acts. I did, a year later, the song became a hit in Middle East. This is where I started.

The street beats of Los Angeles and late night Hollywood scene is where I currently live and perform. Destiny brought me to California. I write my lyrics and produce my songs in my studio. I love collaborating with other artists and experimenting with different genres of music. I find inspiration all around me. I try to make my music representative of myself and my generation. Every song I write is related to a personal experience, a moment in my life, that at some point another person can relate to when they go thru a similar moment.


Check out Lui LaFé’s new single, Pacto de Sangre.